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A New Kind of Huatulco Real Estate: ALMA Residences

Green and natural Huatulco demands a different kind of development: ALMA Huatulco.

Not all Mexican beach resort areas are created the same, even the ones planned out and implemented by the Mexican government. Wildly successful Cancun went all the way on the mass tourism route. Green and natural Huatulco is a different story, so it demands a different kind of development. That is exemplified by the newest luxury living project taking shape: ALMA Huatulco. The pics and videos here are renderings, but the region has a great track record of completing what has been started and the environmentally focused master development plan means that projects passing the approval process have gotten through the hard part already. As of May 2024, 39% of the units at ALMA Residences are sold and the project is moving forward from plans to reality. We recently posted a new article on luxury real estate in Huatulco, which you can go read to get a feel for the overall market. There are two key takeaways from that article with quotes from local agents. First, prices are quite reasonable in this area, especially compared to high-flying spots like Los Cabos, Punta Mita, and Playa del Carmen.

Second, this is not a beach resort town with wall-to-wall high-rise developments that have plowed down nature and pushed it to the margins. Much of the land in and around the Bahias de Huatulco is national park land or protected forest, plus restrictions limit the height and density of anything new that is approved. There are 9 bays with 36 beaches here, some of them completely natural, and this is the only beach area with an airport where I’ve seen more empty beaches than ones with a crowd. Then if you get in a boat you can land in places that are even quieter. Full Article

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