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ALMA - land


ALMA is nestled in an area of Huatulco that reflects its very essence – abundant nature. It sits on a south-facing 3.6 ha (9 acres) lot comprised of two small hills that gently make their way down to the ocean, guaranteeing a variety of distinct sea views from the properties.

Offering a density of only 13 units per hectare (or 5.2 per acre) ALMA is the community that features the lowest density currently on the market.


Architectural croquis of ALMA

There are numerous ways to draw a master plan.

We believe that architecture should complement nature rather than reshape it. Therefore, we chose to propose an exceptionally organic master plan.

By designing ALMA with lightweight structures and weightless platforms, we are able to follow its topography, build around hills, plan roads that respect natural curves and slopes, and provide views for everyone.

This approach not only creates distinct atmospheres for each area by preserving views to the east, south, southwest, and more, but it also minimizes our impact on the land and ensures discretion from the ocean while remaining entirely invisible from the surrounding beaches.

Croquis of ALMA, Modica-Ledezma + JJRR/arquitectura

ALMA - General View from the Sea

To explore some of the amazing and diverse views from ALMA, click on the dots below!


Did you notice the contrast between our green and dry seasons? 

This phenomenon is characteristic of our "low deciduous jungles."

During the winter months, they undergo a period of drying out, although they remain teeming with birds and animals that might go unseen in the summer due to the dense foliage. Later on, they transform back to green in just 10 days after the first rain showers!

(feature only available on computer)

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